About us


The word 'flux' means change, transition, fluidity and flow.

It describes constant movement and motion; transformation, revolution.

It’s also a word that affords us an excellent opportunity for a pun.

We are Flux Sake, a brand new Bristol based Yoga project focused on all of the above. We’re looking to rip up the rule book and colour a little outside of the lines to offer accessible and adaptable Yoga to everybody and for every body.

We believe that regular practice of movement, of meditation and of mindfulness really is beneficial to all, but we also understand the cons that can chase the pros. Trust us, we were once unsure about how and where to start, we have been intimidated by huge classes and high pressure gym environments and we too have sometimes felt completely baffled by Sanskrit!

And so, our focus is on Yoga which is accessible and inclusive in its location, language and form. 

Our goal is to create clear and comprehensive classes within safe, supportive (and sometimes unexpected) spaces, in order to establish an easy, encouraging environment for exploration, and the growth of a connected community both on and off the mat.


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