About us


The word 'Flux' means change, transition, fluidity, flow. It describes constant movement and motion, transformation and revolution. It's also, obviously a word that affords us an excellent opportunity for a very on brand pun!

Flux Sake is a Bristol based yoga project focused on all of the above and the potential for not only thinking outside of the box but perhaps living and thriving outside of it.

We really do believe that regular practice of movement, meditation and yes -dare we say it - mindfulness, is hugely beneficial to all. The forms in which this takes though, the ways in which it appeals and possibly sticks, is absolutely not one-size-fits-all. 

We understand that some days you just don't want to leave the comfort of home and we totally get the very natural and perhaps even universal hesitance towards starting something new. Walking into a high pressure gym or deathly serene studio can be incredibly intimidating and words like supta baddha konasana are confusing!

And so our main focus is creating yoga that is accesible, adaptable and inclusive in its form, language and location. Respectful of rich history and tradition, but also reframed towards modern interests and suited to modern life. We look to provide laughs over faff with fuss and fluff free classes, events (and everything inbetween) through an environment that supports exploration, and approach which intends to encourage and not alienate and an attitude that inspires growth of a connected community, a safe space, both on and off the mat.