This winter, we invite you to join us in (a) hygge!

Personally we find the colder, darker months a little hard. We know in advance that a drop in temperature will also see a drop in our motivation, our energy and our moods – and word on those wet and windy streets is that we aren’t the only ones.

A huge part of what can make winter hard is how tough we are on ourselves. Expecting that somehow, some way we can prolong the productivity and vitality we’ve felt throughout the summer (a time when we’ve literally had more daytime to pack things in) and then feeling crestfallen and disappointed when it just doesn’t work out that way.

We’re refusing this cycle this year. Instead, we suggest we skip right to the realising we can’t possibly carry our sunshine habits into windburnt and frostbitten times and focus the little energy we have on enjoying the small stuff, the simple stuff, the cosy stuff. Taking inspiration from our Scandinavian pals and their ideas of Hygge, we’re planning to cook up a Flux Sake Winter Toolkit to help us all through to the new year.

We’re thinking downloadable meditations for your morning motivation and midnight relaxation. Quick, easy access videos of flows to heat, nourish, unwind, energise, stretch and stabilise the body and mind as they change with the season. Stodgy, delicious recipes, recommendations of all kinds, playlists and social, but not too social, events. Basically  gentle, mindful ways to keep making, moving, connecting and communicating, sharing with others and caring for yourself in a time when it can really feel hard to do so.

We’d love your input on what you need, what you’d like, what you crave at this time of year; so if you have an idea or contribution for the toolkit, get in touch!

Drop one – COMING SOON!