Holiday Hygge w/ Flux Sake

@ Now Studio


An extra special festive offering to restore & rebalance during this hectic season. 

December is the month we associate with being all 'go-go-go' but perhaps we need a little 'low-slow-flow' - trust us, you'll feel amazing for it!

Beginning with an hour of gentle, nourishing yoga we'll work to balance the nervous system & release tension through slow & mindful movement intended to aid digestion & detoxify the body.

After a short break for tea & treats the workshop will close with a guided meditation leading into a group Sound Healing session. Where you can expect the combination of vibrations & sound from the Tibetan Singing Bowls to take you into a deeper state of relaxation, while rebalancing the energy in the body. 


This workshop is a donation based event raising money for Caring in Bristol 

Please register ahead of time for this event via  the Now Studio website 

Spaces for movement are limited, however we can welcome more participants for just the meditation & Sound Healing - email us for further details