At Flux Sake HQ we're fascinated (ok, obsessed) with Magick & so we've teamed up with Pink Kitten to create...

PINK KOVEN - Moon Magic

A monthly meet-up encouraging you to reflect through ritual, release through sound & reveal how to step into your power using intuition, interpretation, imagination & the cosmic energy of a full moon.

Throughout the year we will dip into the realms of tarot, oracle, ritual, astrology, meditation & alternative healing. We'll move with the seasons & change with the weather to support self-reflection, discovery & exploration. Connecting the spiritual & physical, to transform untapped energy into effective & powerful action.


Each session will also feature a Tibetan Singing Bowl sound bath from Laura, specifically tailored to our months theme & designed to rebalance & restore the energy of both body & space. 

While it's 100% accurate that we cannot predict the future, we can try our best to create the one we desire & the one we collectively deserve. 

We'd like to think of this as our little love note to the Universe & we invite you to sign your name

Dates for your diary: 

Sunday February 9th SOLD OUT*

Sunday March 8th

Sunday April 4th

*Waitlist available