The Flux Sake Self-Love Club is our new campaign, community and ongoing commitment dedicated to nurturing and nourishing the most important relationship you’ll ever have.

We don’t think we’re being at all presumptuous in saying that self-love is a very personal journey for absolutely everyone. Sure, maybe you’ve found it to be a straight, well maintained and pleasant road, a ‘nothing to see here, folks’ sort of thing. But the chances are that if you’re reading this, the fact that you’ve even clicked on this, means that perhaps yours has been trickier, stickier. Perhaps you’re more familiar with a path akin to those rickety wooden bridges from films. Always worried the slats that aren’t already missing are indeed about to fall out and plummet down to, what’s that, a treacherously fast moving river? And you can’t swim?

If you relate to this Indiana Jones cum Wile E Coyote hell-scape then we are in the same boat (except we aren’t, I mean, as if there’s a boat in the situation referenced above!) Your road, no bridge – let’s stick with it – to self-love, or even self-like (am I right?) has been difficult, scary, hopeless, exhausting, gruelling, lonely …although you definitely aren’t alone in it. Very stop/start, very jumbled, very gappy.

Ours too.  Ding, ding, ding! You have our clubs reason, its purpose, its catalyst.

We aren't interested in the bright, shiny or staged hashtag version of self-love. But the realistic, jagged, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes ugly and at times, pretty near impossible, idea of acceptance, appreciation, kindness and compassion directed inwards, even on the days when we literally cannot stand ourselves. And, damn, do these days happen.

The plan is to create a series of classes, workshops, events, socials, support networks, friendships, feasts, trips, experiences, life rafts, treats and literally anything else we can think of, that remind and require you to take a moment to love yourself.

Join in, join us, with love

Emily & Laura