Sock it, Now!

in support of Beat


It’s no secret that for both of us yoga has played an essential part in our ED recovery & so this Eating Disorders Awareness Week we again want to take the opportunity to support & celebrate the work of the UKs leading ED charity, Beat.

As part of their ‘Sock It to Eating Disorders’ campaign we're teaming up with the lovely folks at Now, to offer an truly nourishing Saturday afternoon treat!


Emily will first lead us through a combination of kind reflection & gentle movement to quiet the mind & satiate the body. While Laura will bring the session to a close with a beautiful sound bath encouraging the very deepest release & relaxation.


All we ask is that you pop on your favourite socks & bring a couple of quid & your highly valued thoughts to give to this super important cause & conversation.

Reserve your spot at Now, NOW

For more information about Eating Disorders & Beat’s work in supporting those affected, please visit