Physical health and mental wellbeing are (sometimes) annoyingly, (always) intrinsically connected to one another and as a student it can seem impossible to juggle one - never mind both of these - with studies.

I mean let’s face it, after a busy day at uni the last thing you probably want to do is pay money you don’t really have to throw your tired body around a class full of strangers in a studio half way across town.

We get it – we wouldn’t want to either!

In fact, we didn’t. Our roots are in home practice; exploring and falling in love with something new in a familiar setting, aka our living rooms. And so that’s why we’ve teamed up with Print Hall to bring yoga to the Common Room.

On Wednesday evenings you’ll find us at Print Hall (1 Temple Way) offering its residents movement and meditation specifically designed with students in mind. Whether you need to re-energise or re- focus, find motivation, boost your mood or just relax – and yep, the answer is likely to be different every day – we invite you to explore not only what feels good, helpful and beneficial, but fun.

We’ll flow through super accessible yoga and dip into guided meditation practices which are practical and functional for everyday student life. Faff and fuss free you won’t find us throwing complicated Sanskrit terms or ancient scripture around, but we may just quote Patti Smith and listen to 90’s riot grrl every once in a while. We’re not regular yoga teachers, we’re cool yoga teachers *

If you live at Print Hall, keep your eyes peeled for our sign-up sheets. Or, if you’d like to know more about us and what we’re offering beforehand, pop us an email or visit us on Instagram @flux_sake

Alternatively, if you’re a person, business, organisation (or all and any in between) interested in setting up something similar for your students, group, employees etc. please get in touch!


*God do we hope Mean Girls references still hold up